Well, its February and while things are starting to pick up on our calendar for Spring, concrete that is being poured right now has to follow some guidelines. If you have a concrete floor sitting and waiting for a building to put on it this time of year, it is strongly recommended to first, keep it clean and dry as much as possible, this protects it from freeze thaw cycles. If moisture is allowed to remain on the surface and then freeze it could cause surface damage to the floor. After the rain or snow has stopped falling and before it can freeze the floor should be either swept off or squeegee used to remove the water. If water is allowed to freeze on the non-air entrained floor it will very likely damage the surface of the concrete floor.

Rules of Thumb:
Concrete needs at least 500 psi compressive strength to withstand one freeze thaw cycle.
Concrete needs at least 3500 psi to withstand multiple freeze thaw cycles.
Non air entrained concrete is not designed to be exposed to ice. Our floor surface is non-air entrained and can not withstand the pressures applied to it by freeze/thaw cycles.

Remember: Keep our floor clean and be ready to build on it when the weather allows you to continue construction.

Protect your investment!